Wednesday, August 08, 2007

busy nite last nite!

had a bite with a good friend at the birchwood cafe. where i also stopped for breakfast yesterday. we had gotten our wires crossed, and he thought i was going to pick him up. so i called his landline (how can you not have a cell phone these days?) and sure enough, he was waiting for me.

anywhoozle. once he got there, we had a lovely, laugh filled dinner. i'm going to miss him when he moves to beantown.

after dinner, i went home to shower and make a few quick thingamajigs. here's a quick painting/collage that i did, called 'the shape of my heart'.
it's a matte that i picked up at artscraps, then i collaged the background of a piece of rag paper also from artscraps, using newsprint and tissue paper. layered an old piece of map paper from paper source, some thai paper from who knows where, some sparkely gold paper from sample books my mom gave me, and some rhinestones (on the crown). Threw some paint spots down over it. then I made the lower piece, using the same stuff, and a paint chip, stamp, and sheer ribbon that had been accidentally overdyed.
went back in with a pen to give a little more definition to the wings.
i also encased a rabbit in one of the eggs from two days ago. it worked just great. look for some egg-bunnies soon, well, maybe in like a week. i'm pretty freakin' busy with other stuff right now, and my cousins are coming to town this weekend. yayy!!!
then i went to a fringe show. i'll say this about it. i'm glad it was only 28 minutes long.
came home, touched up the paint, and went to bed.

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