Sunday, January 23, 2011


had a headache the last few days. nothing like a migraine, another one of which i had a few days back. this is more like a nagging ache-like someone scratching the inside of my head right behind my eyes. i suspect it's a sign i need new glasses. in which case, i'm gonna get some craaaaazy frames this time to encourage me to wear my contacts more often.

i know i'm a little late to the party but i am looooving me some polyvore.

the possibilities are literally endless. i'm not a big online or catalog shopper, i feel the need to try things on and see how the fit, quality, and cut looks before i buy and i can't be bothered to return something via the mail or UPS. so i prefer to pre-shop online and go in person to the store to see for myself. and it's kept me from making many, MANY a bad purchase.

anyway-polyvore is a fun way to dream and put together outfits without stepping foot into a store!

14 GBP -
Chiffon blouses »

Sportmax code skirts DENIM
138 GBP -
High waist skirt »

Enamel Coffee Pot.

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