Friday, January 21, 2011

-15 poppies...

it so, sooooooo, SO cold out there. how cold is it? it's so cold, our outdoor digital thermometer doesn't even register a temp! parts of MN are -30 below today. the suburbs are supposed to be about -15-18. i wouldn't doubt that one bit.

i decided to combat the cold with some GIANT POPPIES!!! i used this awesome video and tutorial from queen Martha with a few small tweaks of my own....

i used some good old scrapbooking cardstock sheets, and was able to fit four petals around the corners, i lost a wee bit of corner off the template but it's hidden by the folds anyway. and i used 8 petals instead of 7. AND, i folded the petals two at a time to save time-without using the bamboo skewer/pencil. i think my paper is stiffer than what they were using but it's the colors i was going for not the texture. it's still a good idea to condition the paper a bit before you fold so you don't get sharp creases but rather nice soft folds.

for the center ruffle-y part i folded my circle into quarters and that was SO much easier to make the fringe...for the center 'puff' i used a giant punch from ek success, drew a small circle in the middle about the size of a dime to know how far to cut, and that made cutting the 'wedges' a lot easier.....and i used my scissors to curl the pieces up like curling that ribbon you put on gifties.

these poppies are going into the studio. it's a mishmash of crazy color already so even though i tried to repeat the colors within these flowers, in the future i think i'll make the color combos even wilder!

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