Wednesday, May 05, 2010

I'm back baby!!!

I got the job I so mysteriously hinted at several weeks ago...working in Children's Ministries at my home church. YAY!

It's very similar to the job I held through high school, college summers, and after I got back from Chicago. Nothing like coloring, playing games, and singing songs with elementary kiddos! I love it!

Today was my last day at the major department store. I'm glad they employed me for a time, but I'm also glad to be done. It allowed me to get a YMCA membership, and I've been going before work, after work, and sometimes exercising at home, too! The weight hasn't been coming off as fast but I'm feeling bones emerge where earlier there was only layers of flab. It feels good to have a waist again!

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Sara Abrams said...

Good job Becca! You're inspiring!