Thursday, May 27, 2010

another day, another dress

dress: super on sale Calvin Klein from macy's. first item of mr. klein's that i have owned. i think it was 80% off. RAWK!
shirt: generic macy's brand shirt but i have it in purple and pink and i loves it.
shoes and earrings: borrowed from my sis.
pins: thrifted from various sources. loves me some bling!
i worked at the church AND the store today. busy day! my summer is going to be fully of days like this: 5-6 hours at the church, 4-5 hours at the store. tomorrow is an all store day. i am going to work on class ideas and sew some more alabama-chanin inspired items to rev up the wardrobe. i'm also window shopping some more dresses..i think it's time to break out the sewing machine and whip up some jersey dresses for myself. we'll see if the heat breaks before or after my ambition.


Mari-Ann said...

Bex - I just found this cute DIY dress and thought you could totally whip this up!

The Russian Thiele said...

Love the summer dresses. Tell Chip and Julie I said congrats on another adorable boy!!