Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Animalz!

I taught a felt animals class @ Truly.... last night, and one of my students (who happens to be a long-lost family friend!) asked me to make some animals for gifts. I was happy to oblige! Another student came along for dinner after the class and the three of us had a super great time talking about our neighborhood, school, kids, jobs, so much more. Totally fun! I look forward to more fun times with these ladies, they were a hoot and very talented rabbit makers, too!

Anyway. Here are the photos. I will be making several more monsters in this style, and I am looking for more name patches because I love how Phil turned out! I've got three more patches out in the studio, we'll see how productive I am today.


Anonymous said...

I love those monsters sooo much!!!!!

julie haymaker thompson said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving th coment of encourgment on my blog about teaching .I love hearing from others and not feeling so all alone. Plus love you work. I have NO idea how to do a softy or stuffy .But I so love them. I can sew and make slipcovers, pillows etc. but stuffed things no way I would love to take a class with you and learn. hugs Julie

becca jo said...

Thank you both so much! It's great to hear from supporters all over the world ;)