Friday, March 13, 2009

more new animalz

half of these little guys have made their way onto etsy, the other half will be posted tomorrow....?

in other news, i got some suuuuuper cute little baby shoez up in lindstrom today, one of those scissors that has 5 blades in one (don't know what i'm going to use it for just yet but i had to have it!) and some other sundry supplies at the thrift and antique stores up there. stimulating the local economy, right?

i think i may have found a good source for sew-on patches, i hope it pans out! i'm LOVING not having to name these little guys myself ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow they are all so adorable!!!!!!!!!

Mari-Ann said...

You have a gift my friend, plain and simple. Well done! These little guys are so cute!!