Sunday, December 28, 2008

The ABC's of 2008

Here are some highlights from 2008, presented in a form both whimsical and tedious. If you want to do your own, please post a link in the comments!

A is for Apartment, which I moved out of in August. Still rockin' my parents basement in Hugo, although I will shortly start a new house sitting gig in Highland Park.

B is for blogging, I got let go from my blogging 'job' but that meant I posted a lot more here on . That is until I discovered Facebook.

C is for Children's Theatre, where I worked for about a month. It was awesome, but not a good fit. On my way out on my last day, class act that i am, i tripped over the steamer and caused a dog to shoot under the table, cowering, and a giant puddle of water to form on the floor which I then had to mop up. Nothing like making a grand exit!

D is for Duckie Uglings, my awesome stuffed animal company! I finally paid all my monthly bills in December based solely on monies made from the various stores and the sales that I had in December and November!

E is for Elephants. I made several this year, each, in my opinion, cuter than the last.

F is for Facebook, which does the stalking for you! Sorry Myspace, Facebook has won out in my book.

G is for the GUTHRIE theater, where I was lucky enough to sew the backdrops for Little House on the Prairie, and meet Melissa Gilbert during my lunch break! SURREAL!

H is for Hat Pattern, the Good Hat Day Hat pattern was accepted into the book One Yard Wonders, and I will actually be getting published in the next year!

I is for Internet, to which I am still addicted in a MAJOR way.

J is for junk artist, which I think I am now.

K is for Kitchen. Now that I am home and cooking for more than one person, I am LOVING the kitchen again. I hardly cooked in my last apartment, unless it was spaghetti or nachos. Now I'm even BAKING again! Love it.

L is for leisure. I know that this time of having LOTS of time on my hand can't last forever and that I will have to go back to having a full time job. But I do love spending lots of time with friends and family and working on my art. Why can't I get paid for that?

M is for Mosaic Mural, which I finished in February at the Dunn Brothers in Minneapolis.

N is for Nephew, Michael Thomas arrived June 13th and joined Matthew James down with his mom and dad in Missouri. I have gotten to tag along on several visit and they've come up here twice. As my grandma says, "He's a chunk!"

O is for OMG which has unfortunately worked its way into my typing and speech. I am going to try to rid myself of such LOL's and what have you in the next year. ;)

P is for personal space. Something that I miss living with my parents again. But it's a worthy payoff! If you could see my room, you'd see ducks and dogs and moose everywhere. They like to keep it in the same condition as if I wasn't here. I don't know how I feel about that. :/

Q is for air "Quotes". Another habit I will try to drop. Although I am still trying to push the use of the 'Air Parenthesis' which is the same idea, except your hands just go up in a cup shaped form.

R is for relaxing. Hugo is a very relaxing place to live, you can't help but take a nap in the afternoon!

S is for slippers. I have become very fond of socks and slippers and have been obsessed with making myself the perfect pair so I am never short. A pattern MAY develop from this, we'll see.

T is for Therapy, as in Art Therapy. I am trying to decide if I want to pursue a career in either Art Therapy or ESL. I am going to job shadow both those professions to see which might be a good fit.

U is for unemployment, I have spent the bulk of the year technically unemployed but not actually unemployed by the government's standards. eesh.

V is for Vacation: this year held some AWESOME ones. Florida with the whole family in February, Missouri for Matthew's 2nd birthday party, Chicago trips aplenty, les Cheneaux islands for Betsy and David's wedding, and more trips to Missouri! I don't know if they're technically vacations if you don't have a job you're taking time off from, but it's still a getaway, right?

W is for Wedding Flowers, I did 3 wonderful weddings for friends and family this summer, and a few parties here and there. I love arranging flowers, if I could, I would do it as a job. I obsessively check craigslist for floral jobs!

X is for who eXpects me to come up with a word for x?

Y is for YMCA. Jason took me to some awesome concerts and shows this year, I'd have to say my favorites were Kathy Griffin (as a 'sorry you got fired' gift) and the Village People and RuPaul during Pride week.

Z is for Zebra, because frankly, it always is!

OK that's my ABC's of 2008. Link to yours, fellow bloggers!


Mari-Ann said...

What a fun idea! If I can find the patience and time to do this I am so going to!

Jen Sannes said...

Love your list, Bex - I love hearing what you've been up to for the last year! Best wishes for 2009! :)