Friday, December 26, 2008

the ARK pt. 2

Although it was NOT the ark of the covenant, as timo had hoped, the ark WAS a huge hit with Matthew, and a wonderment of new things to shove in one's mouth for Michael.

More new photos of these two little guys can be found here.

Besides starting out with a wicked hangover from Brian and Marisa's going away party, I've had such a fun time with Chip, Julie, Matthew and Michael. My mom and dad and grandma and I always love their visits, and like my gram said, "I wish you were here more often!" The handmade gifts were a big hit with everyone, even the ones I didn't get finished hahahahaha.

Church, dinner, presents, sleeping, stockings, brunch, more sleeping, more eating. It's all a beautiful blur.

We are watching Michael while the rest of the MO folks get out of the house for a little bit. This AM I went to breakfast with Robin and her new beau Josh and another 'old' friend Suzanne. Such fun to catch up with them.

I am contemplating going to the movies tonight but it's hard to swing a $10 (two penguin's worth of profit) ticket now that the penguin market has all but dried up. Eh. we'll see.

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