Monday, October 27, 2008

no photos. yet.

had a wild weekend.

'miscast' sold out on friday nite! yay!

on saturday AM, a flock of migrating birds flew over while i was out in the garage getting flowers ready for andrea's wedding. the sky was full of little black birds for about 4 minutes. i had heard some strange, far off noise for about 10 minutes before they came. and when it got closer and closer, i went outside. thousands and thousands of birds flew over. it was kinda like this. i made my parents come out and see it because it was so striking.

andrea's wedding was sublime. photos will follow, i promise.

afterwards, i just came home and slept.

yesterday was a rainy windy day. went to the witthaus's open haus and then barnes and nobles.

i have been in a bit of a funk, reinforced by a job i wanted falling through. sigh. the job hunt continues.

cookin' up some nice mexican inspired chicken for lunch, then back out to the studio to work on animals for clapperclaw and the artscraps show.

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