Monday, October 06, 2008

the best laid plans.....

well life doesn't always go your way, does it kids?

i got fired from the job. meh.

i dropped my cell phone in the toilet. $160 for a new phone. great.

i sent off a 5 lb box to california. whee! i hope a lot of it sells.

i'm trying to work in the basement on all my stuff, whilst the construction guys put in a new egress window. interesting! my mom is my sous-crafter. it's going pretty well.

photos soon, i promise. my camera is coming on wednesday, along with my brother and his family! yay! first visit to MN for baby michael!

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Mari-Ann said...

Sorry to hear about your job Bex!! What happened?! As for Le Mew, probably not a good idea to send him to MA since we live in CT (ha-ha ;)) but even so we won't be here much longer anyway. I'm planning to visit MN in December. Would love to see you and adopt Le Mew at the same time!