Wednesday, September 10, 2008

day two....

day two of my new job @ the children's theatre and it's awesome. i didn't sleep a wink last night, unfortunately, as i was thinking about how excited i was to go back! yay!

i made a delish soup with some turkey sausages my dad cooked's the basics! gonna eat lunch with sara again tomorrow, we like gawking at the kewl kids at mcad.

turkey snausage soup

take two turkey bratwurst and cook them with 1 T of oil and 1/2 a small chopped onion, and crumble the cooked bratwurst, removing casing. do not drain off the fat. you're gonna want it!
add 3 large chopped cooked and peeled potatoes, and one large chopped tomato (or two small ones). throw in a few cups of water, and a small can of tomato paste. pepper and salt and some mrs. dash don't hurt either.

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Mari-Ann said...

Yay! Glad to hear things are going well at your new job! I just took a look at your Etsy store and I fell in love with the orange kitty. :9 I would gladly buy a larger version (say about a foot long or so) of this feline fellow! I need it to be toddler safe (i.e. nothing a strong little pair of hands could pull apart and eat... buttons for example). My email address is