Sunday, September 07, 2008

cake-filled weekend

i left thursday evening for a wedding in devil's lake, north dakota. two of my favorite students got hitched, and i got to help them out by doing the flowers for the ceremony and reception. i had to thumb a ride with two of my other former students and go back with a different group, because the dude i was going to drive with backed out a few days before the wedding....i wouldn't have been able to drive anyway because my cold was just starting to turn nasty. but this post isn't about my cold, or how i am constantly amazed by the volume of dirty kleenex i can generate in one 6 hour period, or by how much sleep i need when i'm sick.

i can't tell you how happy i am for the bride and groom, and how honored i was to be able to help them celebrate their marriage!

everyone in her church pitched in, and they had friends and family do the music for the ceremony, a big group of school friends came to set up the tables for the reception and help me with the flowers, her mom grew almost all the flowers we used, and baked the bread and made the pickles for dinner. it truly was a celebration where everyone had a role. they will always be surrounded by the people who were there to witness their wedding. folks who want them to succeed. what an amazing way to start out a life.

after getting back late last night, i slept all day and then went to a surprise dinner/birthday roast for a friend i've known since we were both 5. another super fun gathering of friends, telling stories, laughing at old photos and videos. and he was totally surprised!

gonna do a shot of nyquil and drift off to dreamland now. tomorrow i have to clean my room (it only took 9 days for my parents to insist i should do it, i got a pass today because i was alseep) AND the studio, AND, pick out my outfit for the first day of work on tuesday! yay!

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