Thursday, July 10, 2008



why does my face still feel like i'm wearing a dust-mask? is it because i was wearing one for 4 out of 10 hours at work today?

why did my legs fall asleep today (both of them!) when i was sitting on the floor making grommets in a drop we're not even going to use in the show, then when i stood up to try to walk, did it feel like i was ice-skating?

why didn't i buy the shirt that said, 'st. paul is mentioned several times in the bible but it doesn't say anything about minneapolis' ? that's hilarious.

why can't i give up turkeyburgers?

these questions and so many more present themselves to me, as i sit in my 1/3rd of the way cleaned apartment......

my mom came over after yesterday's tenner to help me clean, sort, and pack. the day prior, i had lost my keys (they were under the stove, of course), and played in my first team guthrie softball game, also, after a tenner. so i'm pretty exhausted right now.

i know i should clean, but i'm too pooped. tomorrow, i have a half day, with a pic-a-nic thrown in, and a concert to go to in the evening. my sis arrives at some point tomorrow with her fiance. in two weeks, they'll be saying their I DO's. how exciting!

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