Friday, July 04, 2008


enjoying the fourth of july in missouri, we drove down yesterday after i got done with work at noon. i found out i get to work there for a fourth week. yay!

anyway-the trip began with them picking me up at my apartment. my folks stopped at jimmy john's for me, and got me a turkey sandwich with ONLY lettuce and cukes, instead of NO lettuce and cukes but everything else, as i'd asked. it was tasty even with no mayo or anything else but a few shreds of lettuce. my dad ate the cukes (being immune to their hiccup powers) and lettuce and we were on the way.

we stopped at cabella's in monticello, where we marveled at the wildlife and bought me some new shoes as mine stink like crazee. the trip was mostly uneventful except for us hitting a giant hitch that fell off someone else's car, it fortunately didn't do any damage to our car (that we could see). my dad though has had a touch of the flu since getting here and he's laying pretty low.

spent the AM playing with my nephew matthew and holding my nephew michael-who is A-DOR-A-BLE yet gaseous. we asked matthew what animal says, 'meow', 'woof', etc, and my mom tried to make a trumpet noise but it came out more like a fart, 'what animal makes a thhhbbrrrbbbbrrrbbb noise?' 'MICHAEL!'

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