Wednesday, April 09, 2008

early start

i woke up about 5, 5:30 this AM. after trying to get back to sleep, i gave up around 6 and started making a new robin. i got a lovely box of new sweater bits from a fellow crafter here in MN named julia, aka HAPPIFY
it's so nice to have new materials to work with-new colors and textures of sweaters. i've been thrifting for the latest show at school and i'm noticing that stores are putting away the winter gear. might have to explore using other materials in the duckies!

while sewing, i started watching the director's commentary on the illusionist, and quickly found out that while someone might be an interesting director or writer, it doesn't guarantee they'll be a good commentator on their own work. i had to stop watching it, he was just very dry and more like a narrator. now i own the prestige, and it's a movie i like much better, but i didn't spring for the special edition so i don't have chris nolan's commentary.

i guess you can't always get what you want.

so now i'm at the coffee shop, waiting for my friend to pick me up to go to the OTHER coffee shop, where my mosaic is located, so he can see it before he takes off for his family's farm.

work at 1. should be a fun day.

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