Tuesday, April 08, 2008

all in the timing

my younger self
would be shocked to see
the bouncing ball
that's become of me

wrapped in a blanket
dressing the same
introducing myself
with my middle name

friends at my locker
now living with toys
scattered at their feet
by their own girls and boys

dishes in the sink
clothes on the floor
i live on my own
but now have a door

the boys that i loved
are men now who move
away from here
with something to prove

i've befriended the ones
i thought i would marry
and the ones who were friends
hold a torch i'll never carry

alone in the same crowd
reaching out for a hold
coming up short
coming up cold

what would she tell me
this younger self
storing up memories
on a crumbling shelf

keep your eyes on the horizon
keep the shoes on your feet
i'll try to recognize you
if we ever do meet

it's time to get serious
and set down roots in this world
to start all over
grow up, little girl

you're getting too old
to be all alone
don't disappoint me
reflect the love that you're shown

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