Monday, February 04, 2008


(two of my favorite stuffed animals ever! Cat and Crow, both will be available at my sale on the 10th!)

well my fingers have been healing and returning to their normal color since the great grouting incident of aught-eight. they are still really tender and the middle right finger keeps bleeding, but for the most part, i've stopped wearing a million bandaids.

the installation is now going to take place on saturday the 9th. then, on the 10th, is my show at the VFW in uptown. we've gotten over 50 vendors signed up, and i've been adding info to the blog and am going to be making a map for folks to take home, so no one has to worry about their contact information being lost! brilliant, eh?

i'm also making buttons for the show. i am going back and forth about selling them or giving them out. each animal gets one attached to their back with the price tag fastened to that, and if anyone buys jewelry i'll give them one too. but should i sell the other ones for like 50 cents or just give them to folks for free? i just don't know!

lastly, i'm bringing two of my gumball machines to the sale, and loadin' them up with M&M's. YUM!

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