Sunday, March 10, 2013

sprung ahead

have been cleaning, organizing, re-decorating a little bit, websurfing, and eating more consciously.

so far today:
very tasty breakfast of two slices turkey bacon sauteed with onion and kale (no added fat) with a cage-free organic egg cracked over the top and a tablespoon of gorgonzola cheese. a little espresso and vanilla almond milk as well as some green machine-type juice.
lunch was a bowl of special K strawberries and chocolate with unsweetened almond milk.  I am so bummed that it's 'special edition' because that means it will go away some day and i will have to buy the chocolate and strawberry boxes and mix them together myself. AUGH!

now i'm drinking some chai tea with a squirt of organic agave syrup*, and i had a banana snack about an hour ago.

as is the case with the first few days of a new eating plan, i'm OBSESSED with what i will be eating next. i can't go grocery shopping until later in the week so i need to use up my freezer and pantry staples in a portion-controlled and healthy way.

dinner was a bisquik pizza crust with a scant 1/4 cup of cheese and about 3 T of leftover alfredo sauce with a ton of veggies piled up on top of that.

the crust is SO easy to make-it's 1 1/2 cups of bisquik, 1/3rd cup SUPER hot water-mix until it forms a ball, then pour 1 T of olive oil on top and let it sit on top of the oven.... with a towel on top so cat hair doesn't drift in...for 5 minutes while the oven heats up to 450. carefully spread the crust olive oil side DOWN on a pizza pan, top with your toppings and bake 13-15 minutes.  i set the largest parts of the crust aside to see if i was still hungry for them later and i wasn't so the neighborhood squirrels get a big treat.

*pro tip* i get a lot of my spices and 'weird' food items at home goods and marshalls' (and would at TJ Maxx if there was one by me). they have a great selection of gourmet, organic, and specialty items for sale. adding spices helps when you're trying to cut down on fat-because the flavor gets boosted by spice instead.

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