Sunday, December 04, 2011

house bits

oh faithful readers. i swear i miss this blog-but with everything going on with the house and the new job and trying to get some holiday duckies done for my various vendors and art fairs, i barely have time to read my emails and facebook let alone post on this blog! coupled with the fact that i don't have internet at the new place.....i'm sorry i've neglected this corner of the interwebs lo these two months. i'll make it up to you.....

here are shots of the living/dining room. both rooms are a study in 'found' furniture. the futon frame and cushions, dining room chairs, and coffee table were all FREE on the side of the road, with the exception of the cushions which I saved from the dumpster pile at work. kirk models the smaller of the two rugs from home goods, and he's staring at the refinished cabinet of curiosities which my mom and dad stripped for me. the lamp and shade came from goodwill, and there's oodles of frames on the walls from various thrifts and garage sales. i love the built-ins but they severely limit the floorspace. i wouldn't trade them for the world, though!

that's it for now, more to come i promise!


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

It looks so cute! I can't wait to see more.
x Katherine

The Russian Thiele said...

Loved the house. Thanks for lunch.