Friday, June 03, 2011

quicky on color

now that i am pretty much finished with the stage manager/wardrobe assistant/retail uniform needing part of my life, i'm trying to avoid buying black and bringing other colors into my wardrobe. i never thought i'd wear orange EVER (being very freckl-y) bit it turns out bright colors actually look better on me than dark ones.....along these i got purple and red streaks put into my hair (!)
it looks sooooooo cool. i can't get a good photo of it. but in the mean time, here's some fabulous tiles i found at augsburg college last week-i went for an ELCA gathering for youth/children's workers and ended up winning a $100 gift certificate to their gathering in NEW ORLEANS in 2012! WOOT! Sure, I have to spend like $600 to save $100...but hey, i won something! i should use it!

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