Saturday, September 04, 2010

double rainbow, all the way!!!

you've no doubt seen the double rainbow video by now, and it's hundreds of tributes/spoofs.

and now, he's makin' money at it. go bear!

we had a fantastic storm earlier in the week, and i got to introduce my parents to the double rainbow phenomenon. they LOL'd and loved it. this is our double rainbow, yes it did reach all the way across the sky. started and ended on our property. i know there's no pots of gold out there, but there are acres and acres of lovely trees, swamp-y creatures, and beautiful wildflowers. i am eagerly anticipating the color show when all those trees turn gold and red.

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Life with the Nephew's said...

I saw that double rainbow last Thursday... I was in Maplewood at the time... WOW that it started and ended on your property! :)