Friday, July 23, 2010

Tiiiiiiiiiiiny house!

i had heard about this guy and his tumbleweed tiny houses somewhere on the internets, and now, here's a walkthru of his 96 sq foot house. WOW.

as a maximalist, i am quite impressed by this guy's organization and skill in living with so little in such tight quarters. i think my room is bigger than his whole house.


Leigh said...

I saw this on the world wide webs too. Wow. I mean, for reals.

Life with the Nephew's said...

That would make one sweet play house for children, but to live in? I hope his plan is to remain single.

becca jo said...

yah no doubt! he says at the end of the video he did get married and his wife and kid live in a 600 sq foot house next door. i think he uses it as an office/napping place.