Wednesday, December 09, 2009

creating space....

i promise...i haven't forgotten about this....but it's just gonna take me a few more days.....

wondering what that button over there on the right hand side of my blog is for?
check out this awesome website, and perhaps win a wonderful christmas present (to keep of course) while you're at it!

i have both of the 'where women create' books, and devour the magazines as well.

though it's well documented on this site, i have a constant battle with organization and decoration in my studio. some day, it would be my dream to have it into good enough shape to be shown in the magazine. but at this point, it seriously looks like an elf exploded in there.

the last of the giant beeb orders is out the door, but thursday (i.e. tomorrow) we have our valentine's day meeting. and the W7 collective opens tomorrow and i have given nothing. AND betsy's shower is this weekend. so the studio won't be getting cleaned up any time soon, the making of messes will continue, at least through the weekend.

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

Yummy little cuties!!! Great colors all together too!!