Sunday, October 11, 2009

WHERE have you BEEN?

*i have been squirreled away in my studio, stuffing and fluffing hundreds of tiny ornaments for a giant order. how many times have i said this on the blog? first person to count wins an awesome prize ;) in addition to stocking up all my stores, every week from november until january i have an art show, a class, or some other event where i will be sellin' my animals. 'tis the season for duckie uglings!

*i did the wedding flower for my friend heather's nuptials at the como zoo conservatory. a magical night, a beautiful couple, and a rockin' party.

*i went to my 15 year high school reunion and homecoming game. caught up with old friends and re-discovered some new ones.

*i've been cleaning and organizing and finally 'moving into' my room where i've lived for the past year, getting my studio and storage space in order, and just generally trying to get myself ready for this marathon crafting season.

*i have spent entirely too much time watching 'reality' shows.

so that's where i've been for the past three about you?

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julie Haymaker thompson said...

I have never been to a high school reunion... hope it was a good time for you