Saturday, May 09, 2009

sorry blog!

been working at the G again, running around doing errands, destroying books for set dressing, sorting 'mike and ikes' to look like pills, things of that nature. my body is KILLING me, i'm not used to lugging furniture, climbing ladders, yanking out staples....i awake every morning with fresh aches and new bruises going 'where did that come from?' and realizing how old i really am....

our show opened at the BLB friday, i think it was moderately well received. as with any play, there were some behind-the-scenes snafus but honestly i don't think the audience cared. you have three more chances to catch the show if you are in MN....

while propping our show at my fave thrift store in minneapolis, i came across an awesome toy sewing machine. i think it's missing a few parts but i would LOVE to get it working great to have a little portable like that?

over the weekend, my folks went down to take care of the little guy; julie was going to take matthew to chip's archery teams' national competition in kentucky, but then he got very sick so my folks just went to keep michael away from matthew as much as possible. they came back late saturday nite, but i was already at john haynes' show and then celebrated jyksgiving.

mother's day was spent with my gram, we took her to church, then culver's in forest lake. afterwards my folks and i went to STAR TREK. it was freaking awesome and everyone should see this movie. that is all i will say about that.

one more little photo to leave you with, a group of birdies that i will be selling @ RED HOT ART in stevens square park. after last year, i realized i needed some more things in the 'under $20' category, so here are some little $10-12 birdies on a rhubarb leaf.


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Tee Hee lood at those darlings in the Hollyhock leaf So cute!!!

NL Junk Art said...

Hey, Becca! We just found your comment from last November, haha. We haven't needed to talk to bike shops lately since we haven't done any bike rim stuff for a while, but we've started up our new, very prolific season. We were in the Friends School Plant sale at the State Fair Grounds this past weekend and sold a bunch of stuff! It was MUCH more successful than Hang-It ;) Are you going to be there again this year?

-Nate & Liz

Kat: Curious Oddities said...

Oh Becca, the birdies are SO cute.
And yah...Star Trek was totally freakin' awesome!

Anonymous said...
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