Thursday, May 18, 2006

creative time vampire

so i'm on a drug for the depression. and it seems to have also conquered what i used to call simultaneous multitasking, but in reality, ADD is prolly what it is.
this is good. it allows me to focus long enough to clean. but it's also bad, because doing one thing for so long wears me out. and organizing is tiring.

also, i'm not remembering my dreams anymore. which is fantastic because my whole life i've had extremely vivid nightmares and unpleasant dreams. i was waking up anyhwere from 6-10 times a night, usually frightened of the demon i was just hangin' out with in the bar, or the dead body i'd discovered under my car which was only the head of a baby and a body of a snail. stuff like that. it'd take me hours to fall asleep at night, and once i woke up, more time to fall back asleep.

so that alone is great. but i haven't had the desire, or the time it seems, to sit down and MAKE. and the days when i don't make anything, i feel a little funny.

i've been seeing some really amazing things out there on the internet that make me feel like a suck for not keeping up with my jewelry and yarn spinning and collage and what have you. so i'm going to try to set aside creative time once again. an hour a day that cannot be spent cleaning, rehearsing, working, eating, walking etc. can only be spent MAKING.

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