Sunday, March 10, 2013

sprung ahead

have been cleaning, organizing, re-decorating a little bit, websurfing, and eating more consciously.

so far today:
very tasty breakfast of two slices turkey bacon sauteed with onion and kale (no added fat) with a cage-free organic egg cracked over the top and a tablespoon of gorgonzola cheese. a little espresso and vanilla almond milk as well as some green machine-type juice.
lunch was a bowl of special K strawberries and chocolate with unsweetened almond milk.  I am so bummed that it's 'special edition' because that means it will go away some day and i will have to buy the chocolate and strawberry boxes and mix them together myself. AUGH!

now i'm drinking some chai tea with a squirt of organic agave syrup*, and i had a banana snack about an hour ago.

as is the case with the first few days of a new eating plan, i'm OBSESSED with what i will be eating next. i can't go grocery shopping until later in the week so i need to use up my freezer and pantry staples in a portion-controlled and healthy way.

dinner was a bisquik pizza crust with a scant 1/4 cup of cheese and about 3 T of leftover alfredo sauce with a ton of veggies piled up on top of that.

the crust is SO easy to make-it's 1 1/2 cups of bisquik, 1/3rd cup SUPER hot water-mix until it forms a ball, then pour 1 T of olive oil on top and let it sit on top of the oven.... with a towel on top so cat hair doesn't drift in...for 5 minutes while the oven heats up to 450. carefully spread the crust olive oil side DOWN on a pizza pan, top with your toppings and bake 13-15 minutes.  i set the largest parts of the crust aside to see if i was still hungry for them later and i wasn't so the neighborhood squirrels get a big treat.

*pro tip* i get a lot of my spices and 'weird' food items at home goods and marshalls' (and would at TJ Maxx if there was one by me). they have a great selection of gourmet, organic, and specialty items for sale. adding spices helps when you're trying to cut down on fat-because the flavor gets boosted by spice instead.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

no excuses

except this one-

there are not enough hours in the day.

 i can't even imagine what it'd be like to have more than myself in this family. well, besides the kitters. believe it or not spock and kirk's favorite 'bed' right now is their kennel AKA the enterprise. 

i know that everyone has 24 hours in the day, but seriously. i can't get it all done.

between work, cooking, cleaning (badly) and trying to work on the biznass, i just can't seem to keep up with this blog.

interesting things HAVE been happening, but more than likely they go on to facebook and pinterest.

i've also become hooked on watching internet videos like portlandia, rhett and link, and

for instance, check out this AMAZING video about a very unique artist and his art form. warning: john mayer music and skypeing.

in other news, i've sadly slid very far off the WW wagon and gained back about 28 of the 50 lbs i lost over two years ago. i know why, because i started eating whatever and whenever i wanted, and stopped keeping track of fruits, veggies, etc. and started eating way too much processed junk.

for my health (and wardrobe) i have spent the last few days doing what i call 'the long kiss goodnight' to some of my favorite (really bad for me) foods, and looking for alternatives that are better for me and my health.

since daylight savings starts tomorrow (EEP!) i figure it's as good a time as any to recommit to a healthy, happy lifestyle of fitness, healthy eating, and getting enough ZZZ's. because now with the weight back on, i need to lose 100 pounds to get back to my High School weight. YIKES. my goal is 75 though. it would be 50 less than i got to at my low point, and that would mean a total of 100 pounds lost from my highest weight ever.

i remember that during the big WW push the first few weeks were fun and easy-and as the weight came off i felt like it got easier-but when i stopped counting points and going to the meetings my enthusiasm waned quickly. though the weight stayed off for a while, i was leading a much more active lifestyle and i'm sure that helped. i fluctuated in a 15 lbs range for most of the past two years but this winter  the big gain has been a pain as i had to repurchase 'fat' clothes that i had donated as i lost weight. uuuuugh.

so with spring around the corner (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) as the earth transforms from white and brown and grey, and i look to transform from lazy, lardy, and lumpy, this space will once again be a forum for me to share what is happening in my world. 

wish me luck :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

where does the time go?

an etsy listing! yay!

what's that steve miller song say? time keeps on slippin' slippin' slippin'...into the fuuuuutuuuuure!!!

it's totally true.

as summer fades into fall, and the plants outside succumb to my lazy watering scheme (read:when it rains, you get watered) i find myself wishing that time would slow down so i could do more stuff for sale! or clean! or do dishes! or blog!

one thing i WON'T neglect is this awesome online drawing course i'm taking with tascha. i have loved her work since i found her a year ago, buying three of her holiday ornaments last winter. her style is so adorbs...and i had thought of commissioning her to do a painting of kirk, spock and i but instead i decided to take her class so i can free my inner frida kahlo and make one of us in tascha's style. i missed her online class the first time around and was determined not to miss it again. yay!

speaking of the divine miss are some shots of the scarekahlo my mom and i made for her veggie garden this year. her body is an old tomato cage, her head is a milk jug (which i've stopped drinking but that's another story) with her eyebrows sharpied on..her hair is an old black sweater that just would NOT felt, her beaded flowers came from my stash of random stuff...her clothes were from my goodwill pile. the jewelry was from my sister-in-law and it's just too big for me (read, my bosoms are too big for IT) and the palette and brushes came from my mom's art supplies.

after reading 'the lacuna' as well as 'frida kahlo: song of herself' i guess it's not surprising that for me, this is the summer of frida. i am thinking of letting my eyebrow go for halloween and dressing up as her this year....instead of a monkey i'll have two very unruly kittens as my sidekicks.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

have a seat.....

my boss and awesome friend Sarah gave me a rocking chair that she had found many years ago, intending to fix the broken spindle in the back.  she never did. during a recent cleaning bout, she texted me asking if i'd like the chair! sure! i said,  why not! i'll think of SOME way to use it....then i saw a pic in a magazine of people planting containers and setting them in old chairs. but why use a container when you can just suspend it in the air?

so last weekend, my parents and my friend jyk came down to attack my yard. when they left, i was exhausted, but i still wanted to plant my chair!

and this is what i did.

1. remove the seat pad and upholstery, and any loose nails or staples. my chair had some pressboard and some plywood on the bottom. i removed the pressboard, but left the plywood because i was lazy.

2. staple fabric on the bottom of the chair using a hand stapler. if you don't have one of these, you can hammer 1/4" tacks every few inches as well. just make sure the cloth is pretty tight to the bottom of the chair and there aren't big gaps between your staples. i used weed blocking cloth, which lets water escape but keeps the dirt 'in'. you could probably also use something like denim or two layers of cotton fabric.

3. flip the chair back over, and check to make sure there aren't big gaps by pressing gently with your hands around the perimeter of the seat. I discovered a few spots that needed more staples. the weight of wet soil and plants will add up quick-do this step to make sure you've attached the cloth well. You can see the pressboard over the plywood that i didn't remove. i just stapled to the plywood on the back.

4.OVER fill the seat with succulent mix soil, or whatever you have layin' around that drains well. get it wet and make sure only dirty water comes through, NOT mud.  succulents don't like to sit in water-so make sure you have good drainage on this soil! let it drain so that you don't see standing water in the soil, and then plant your succulents! i used hen-n-chicks and two different kind of stonecrops, and added some creeping thyme which will have gorgeous little purple flowers in a bit. use your hands to pull back the soil and plant the roots of the plants horizontal rather than vertical. these guys have shallow roots anyway so you aren't hurting them by doing this. remember that plants look great in odd numbered groupings.

5. set your succulent chair in a sunny spot and admire the view! make sure no one tries to sit on it (ugh!) and remove leaves or berries from the neighbor's trees that happen to drift in. give it a water about twice a week or so (unless it's been raining a lot) and re-bury any roots or stems that work their way up until they've had a chance to root. i'm going to bring this into the garage for the winter so it doesn't freeze....and hopefully next summer it'll look even better!

like i said, this idea's been around for a while, i can't take 100% of the credit, but i would love to see what other people do with this idea! if you plant in a strange (or interesting) container, post a link!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

recurring dream

i have a recurring dream that i've had about twice a month since i bought the house in october.

i discover a hidden wing of the house with a HUGE bedroom, GIANT bathroom, and a lovely, well organized closet with clothes i never remembered having before.

i think this blog has become that hidden room. well, most blogs in general! in my limited break time at work, i'm pinning, looking at facebook, or IM'ing with friends, not using the internet the way i used to use it. since i don't have unfettered access to it at home anymore (since i'm too cheap to shell out for cable and internet) i spend my evenings reading, sewing, doing housework, or pretending to do those things while i sit and snuggle the kitters.

my suspicion is that about 90% of the people who read my blog are friends of mine on FB or pinterest and you already get all the becca-jo news you could ever want from those two sources. but for the rest of you, and the world at large, i'm going to try to rediscover this hidden room and get better about posting new stuff here.

thanks for still being there, internet. i swear, i still love you <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

keeping warm.....

i've been swamped at work and still don't have internet at home. winter has finally come to MN and so the boys and i are cocooning while i work on spring duckies, FINALLY start work on my book proposal, and do little projects around the house. this is what happens when i try to lay down on the couch to read.

if you don't have luxurious fur coats, layers are the key. i have begun to collect a wade range of blankets and throws which i constantly use throughout the house. since the kitters' favorite game is to duck under the covers and explore the fabulous land under them, this pleases them no end.
here they are mid-bed making in the morning. this is also how they usually sleep, one at my feet and one by my side.